5 Places To Visit In Burnaby For A Wonderful Vacation Experience

Burnaby is a renowned city arranged in the Great Vancouver Area that deceives the east of Vancouver. Both these urban areas, Vancouver and Burnaby share a fringe that is ambiguously named as the Boundary Road. Burnaby makes for British Columbia's third-greatest city which lays accentuation on the way that there are a ton of traveler spots to visit in Burnaby.


Being a well known city, Burnaby has a great deal of spots in its ambit for explorers and local people the same. Some of them are the Burnaby Village Museum, Metropolis at Metrotown, heaps of Burnaby, Central Park, Burnaby Central Railway and Deer Lake Park to give some examples.


5 Places to Visit in Burnaby

Burnaby is the perfect holiday destination for wide range of voyagers from across the globe as it strikes the perfect harmony with everyone. So, get profoundly charmed in all the different places in this mystical city as you investigate a portion of our top recommendations on the 5 best places to Visit in Burnaby.


  1. Burnaby Village Museum

Burnaby Village Museum is an open-air historical center in Burnaby, British Columbia and best places to visit in Burnaby. Museum is situated in the heart of the Greater Vancouver region; this museum is extraordinary for explorers and seekers of culture and history. When you walk through the lanes of museum, you will found the culture of the city in its most raw state. The museum is open occasionally from May to September. Regardless of whether it’s with friends or family in any case, Burnaby town museum will not disappoint you!


  1. Metropolis At Metrotown

Metropolis Burnaby PC: @jadenknight24

It is one of the biggest malls in British Columbia and one that will take into account everyone's needs as you will discover here practically all the mainstream brands, for example, Hudson's Bay, Real Canadian Superstore, Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, Winners, Sport Chek, Chapters, Zara, Cineplex Cinemas and Uniqlo to simply name a couple. If you have a craze of shopping branded products, then this is the perfect place to visit.


  1. Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain PC: @traveltwoonie

This beautiful and greenery surrounded mountain is located near Fraser University. From here, one will get the chance to seize some amazing views of North Vancouver just as Vancouver. On the off chance that you are out traveling with your family, this can really end up being an extraordinary spot to have an outing while at the same time absorbing the sun.

  1. Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park - Burnaby Pc:@ali.sinn

Deer Lake Park is where one can take pleasure in the best of both worlds as here you will discover the Burnaby Art Gallery alongside Burnaby Village Museum and additionally the Shadbolt Center for the Arts and Hart House Restaurant to relish your taste buds! Not to forget the Deer Lake which comes in the name and is a wonderful lake that lies here. You can relax at an appealing sea shore situated here and go for a walk around the boundary of the sea shore.

  1. Barnet Marine Park

Barnet Marine Park PC: @vancityscenes

A place that is simply ideal for going for strolls, organizing picnics or luxuriating under the warm sun a place none other than the Barnet Marine Park. You can visit this park with your family and absorb the mesmerizing greenery that surrounds the entire place. You can likewise take a dip or play volleyball while you make your excursion as unwinding as you need it to be!

The best time to visit Burnaby is in between October and December since it is snowing October and December since it is snowing during these months , it simply add to the appeal of the city. These are the least crowded months in Burnaby.