The 7 Best Kids Friendly Places In Burnaby


Most often, people are busy with a tight schedule and hardly get some quality time to spend with their kids. Thinking on where to go this vacation or wanna take a break from a busy schedule to get freed to enjoy the time with kids?


Visit Burnaby has listed Best 7 Kids Friendly Places In Burnaby.



  • Burnaby Central Railway:


    Burnaby Central Railway

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    A must visit place for the kids is Burnaby Central Railway, where a replica of the actual trains from all over the world and the steam engine train is the most famous here. It is placed for the fun service to the kids, having a track of around two miles. It gives the slot of 10 - 15 minutes for each kid paying the nominal amount for the ride. The kids enjoy them the most and their parents love to see them riding the train, having fun with other kids and playing all around them. Here there is a small museum, a cafeteria or area to munch on some snacks and a big space for a picnic spot.

  • Central Park Pitch & Putt:

    Central Park Pitch & Putt

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    Here, we have a big Golf Course open for all kinds of golf players irrespective of their hold on golf, age and experience. The kids above the age of 8 years can start their career for golf by learning over here, as it is a vast area where one can learn golf with the help of nearby experienced and knowledgeable golf practitioners who come regularly or weekly as per their convenience to spend some time with their friends and family.

  • Deer Lake Boat Rentals:

    Deer Lake Boat Rentals

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    Burnaby is known for its flora and fauna all around its boundaries. Deer Lake Park is also one of them, where the people from Burnaby and nearby areas come to spend some valuable time with their family, friends and spouse. It is the best place for having fun in different fields - one can go for a walk attached to the lake or play with the kids in the playground and the same goes with the other field too - one can go into the waters with canoe, kayak, pedal boat or boogie board too and these are available as per the need like one people or two people or three people, etc. Of-course, these are all available on the minimum rentals available on an hourly basis one can afford easily. 

  • Burnaby Artisan Farmers Market:

    Burnaby Artisan Farmers Market

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    One can find this market from May through October by 9 am to 2 pm. This market is located just near Deer Lake Park. The kids will enjoy here with their parents munching on the food or snacks available from food trucks on the trail of the market. All the different kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, and the best artisans can be seen here which will be enjoyed by the kids getting attracted to it and developing their knowledge on such unique kinds available. Here the kids get a chance to exchange their used books with others and play with them making new friends.

  • Revs Bowling & Entertainment:

    Revs Bowling & Entertainment

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    This Bowling area is constructed near the Skytrain station. This is the best and the largest bowling and entertainment platform available in the entire western Canada. They are having 48 bowling lanes available here for 10 - Pin Bowling and even have a video cosmic bowling available on Friday and Saturday evenings. It is the best spot to spend time with friends and family.

  • Charlie’s Chocolate Factory:

    Revs Bowling & Entertainment

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    Just by taking the name of chocolate itself will make the kids go wild to have it, but think about what happens if they get a chance to visit a chocolate factory? This chocolate factory is best designed in the module so that the children who visit here not only can see a number of unique chocolates but also the process of making it could be seen here. Kids enjoy the sweet treats available here. This factory is family owned and operated, so they make sure of the quality of the chocolates. They prefer it from Belgium popularly known for chocolate found there.

  • CHQ Entertainment / Arcade

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    When it comes to playing video games on TV / Computer, kids get into it so hard that they forget everything else. But what if they have big screens to place them? Yes if you are in Metrotown you must put a break and bring your kid to this Arcade. One can get the prizes that could be redeemed from their tickets and the points earned by playing. Your kid will really enjoy spending time here. A kid can spend his 1 to 2 hours easily over here.

    Don’t forget to visit these places whenever you are near them. These are the best places to spend time with your kid or children happily enjoying the nature of Burnaby. Some places mentioned above may have differences in their timings as per the climates and current scenarios but most of them are as stable as before.