Wandering In Beauty Of Burnaby

BURNABY - A Diverse City, is the third largest of British Columbia, which is adjacent to the East of Vancouver and is also part of Metro Vancouver. The third position has its means through population count; whereas, the Vancouver and Surrey lies just before Burnaby. 

Burnaby has the main campuses of  Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. It is also popularly known for the Metropolis at Metropolitan, being the largest mall in the whole of British Columbia and the second largest in the entire Canada. 

The city is provided with the facility of transit by SkyTrain, connecting the whole of North to South, along with the East to West of Burnaby with the service of Expo Line and the Millennium Line. Beside these Burnaby is not cornered for the Urban Development it has rather it is also famous for beautiful nature existing in it. 

Enjoy the beauty of Burnaby through a hike into its mountains, parks or even the lakes namely are; Burnaby Mountain, Still Creek, Central Park, Kensington Park, Robert Burnaby Park, Burnaby Lake, the Brunette River, Squint Lake and Deer Lake.

Wander Around Burnaby

Wander in Burnaby


Wander - As the word gives the feeling of being lost, everyone who visits Burnaby finds lost. Lost into the Beauty of this mesmerizing world surrounded by many natural places. People come and wander around in the womb of mother nature. 

Burnaby having a diverse personality in it, brings up the rejuvenating factor for the youngsters who love to learn, play or workout leisurely in their time. For this, they can visit many places hanging out with their friends, family and loved ones. 

Enjoy The Lovely Climate

Deer Lake Park


Snowy Burnaby


Burnaby’s climate is mild all around the year, which gives you the spectacular greenery and urban scenery. In winters one can enjoy the thin layer of snow all over Burnaby's higher elevations but in lower elevations we generally do not see snow. Summer could be equally enjoyable from June to Mid - September. The Summer gives you the combination of warm and breezy days.  

Top Universities In City


Simon Fraser University


British Columbia Institute of Technology

@BCIT Campus

The students are grateful to have the main campuses of such global universities in the city of Burnaby. The Simon Fraser University and The British Columbia Institute of Technology are the two major universities in Burnaby. The students here not only get to learn from the classrooms but also learn On - Field Experiences. They are motivated to learn and sprung their ability and desire for developing themselves and achieving their goals.

Relax With Your Family


Burnaby Mountain Park


You get bored and tired of being workaholic the entire day and then soon after coming back home you find out there is no peace to take rest or live the way you want to live with your family as you will be so tired. 

But don’t you think there must be a place where you can spend your free time with family, enjoying nature and letting the sun kiss your body? But the question is where to go? 

Well ! In Burnaby, the people are blessed in this case. The citizens of Burnaby come out with their family and spend their time leisurely in the parks, rivers side or through the trails of mountains found in the womb of Bunraby. 

For those who like to play Golf have their favorite spot in the Central Park Pitch and Putt. Where not only the elderly and talented persons come over to play Golf but also the kids above 8 years old and up come. There are all kinds of participants here, knowledgeable, beginner and experts.

Best Scenic Spots

Burnaby Mountain View


Barnet Marine Park Sunset View


Enjoy the moment with your friends and family with the most famous places of Burnaby. People from all over the world come over here to take a good view of these scenic spots. 

Places like Burnaby Mountain, Deer Lake Park, Barnet Marine Park, Central Park, Burnaby Lake Regional Park, Mountain Trails etc, are the best scenic spots of Burnaby and mesmerize the family and friends who love to trek or spend their time leisurely. 

The Flora and Fauna is spread all over Burnaby but the level of them we found at these scenic spots is a bit higher , which makes the individuals get lost into nature's song and beauty.

Transport Of Burnaby


Burnaby Transport


If you are planning to visit Burnaby, it welcomes you with its heart. You can drop on Burnaby land from whichever transport you like to come in. Burnaby is open to land, air and water transport media.

Burnaby can reach Burnaby by the means of car / ship / ferry drive from Vancouver Island. You get the experience of beautiful nature and the cool and fresh air all over the way.

The transport from Vancouver to Burnaby through various means is hardly stretched upto 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the place and mode of transport.

Visiting Burnaby is an easy task for everyone and roaming in Burnaby is a much easier task. With the help of public transits like rental cars and metro rail facilities anyone can reach anywhere in and out of Burnaby.

Depending on the trip you like, you can have the mode of transit. To ride any of these public transits you need to buy a pass, which could be a day / monthly / one trip pass.